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Charlene Grant
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Episode 7 09/29/19

Created By with Guest Glenn Towery

This show is all about the Austin Veteran Arts Festival - AVAFest , a month long festival celebrating veterans and healing through community and art. Glenn shares music from artists performing at the festival including Moana Tela Music, Stealing Blue, and Fletcher Christian Ordean, along with some amazing stories about his life as a veteran, musician and filmmaker.

Episode 4 07/11/19

Created By with Guest Jonathan JJ Perez

Jonathan JJ Perez is the Producer, Screenwriter, Director, Editor, and Fearless Leader of popular indie film, Beneath - A Cave Horror Film. Luke Jenkins contributed music talents and he'll join us to discuss and play some BENEATH tunes and we'll play cuts from Dexter Freebish and Zack Weber, JJ's friends and associates. Find out how Jonathan JJ Perez made the film happen and placed music in BENEATH!